Excel Basics

By understanding of general mathematics anyone can calculate a percentage of a number in Excel, just need to multiply the percentage value by the number that you want the percentage of.

Basically, it requires the Date of Birth (DOB) and the current date. And, the current date can be obtained by using Today () function which is a built-in function of Excel.

There might be some situations come when you need to lock your Excel file. Think of a situation, suppose someone has control over your PC and you have some important data in an Excel file on that PC.

View Excel Sheets Side By Side 

How easily you can view multiple excel sheet of the same excel file side by side at the same time. There may be some situation comes when you need to look at two sheets side by side to compare the data of two different sheets.

Student report card

To create a student report card, you should have a clear understanding of different types of mathematical expressions (conditions……if-else) and should know how to perform some basic level mathematical operations.

Highlight duplicate value

By using, conditional formatting (one of Excels most useful function) to find and highlight duplicate data. That’s the way, you can review the duplicates and decide if you want to remove them.

Data Validation

Today we will learn how to validate an excel field. We will show you number restriction. At first move on to  data tab and click data validation. There you'll see several type data validation...

Create a Drop-Down list

First, open you MS-Excel Program and choose a blank workbook. Then, choose your cell number where you want to create Drop-down list. It will be a good practice if you label the above cell with any meaningful name.

Basic Arithmetic calculation

First you need to open a Blank Workbook from your MS Excel software and it doesn’t really matter which version you are using right now. These arithmetic operations are the fundamental thing of Excel so it will be same for any version of it.

Data Entry Form

At first, Press ctrl+N  to launch a Blank workbook in Excel. Then, Insert some header names such as FirstName, LastName, Email, etc. and give these headers a standard space for a better look and easy to understand.

Pivot tables

Before you know, how to create a Pivot table you should be aware of the basic difference between a Normal table and a Pivot table. Normal tables are fixed but Pivot tables are flexible. 

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