Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Usage Of LOWER Function In Excel

LOWER function in Excel works in a similar manner of UPPER function but it will do the opposite process of UPPER function. In brief, The LOWER function returns a lower case format of a given text. If you are unsure about the process of UPPER function then please check below URL first, which will give you a clear concept about the working principle of these sort of functions.

Basic Syntax

It passes a single argument, “text” – which text will be converted to lower case.


Suppose, you have a wide range of text in a spreadsheet which are in upper case or in some different format which give you a little bit disturbance to resolve your project with Excel. In that case, you may try to use the LOWER function to sort out the problem.

But, keep in mind that - Spaces, numbers and punctuation will be unaffected in LOWER function.

For the demonstration, we use some upper case text including space, number and punctuation markup and finally, we will get the lower case version of those text using LOWER function.

So, please take a closer look on the below screenshots and follow along with the sequence. Hopefully, it will help you to understand the LOWER function in excel properly.

(Working Data)

(LOWER function Syntax)

Soon, we will provide a similar type of tutorial known as PROPER function in Excel and till then keep learning and stay with tutorialabc.com! For any query or suggestions, feel free to contact

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