Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Working with ROMAN Function in MS-Excel

MS Excel has a very useful function called ROMAN function which is basically used for converting a regular number into a ROMAN numeral representation. In simple words, suppose you put a number in a cell of Excel and ROMAN function will convert the exact equivalent ROMAN numerals as a text of that number.




Suppose, you put the number ‘9’ in a cell and for converting the number ‘9’ into ROMAN numerals you need to write the function ‘=ROMAN(9)’ and it will return ‘IX’ for you.
As you can see from the above function, there are only two arguments that passes through the function.
number: A regular number also considered as Arabic numeral in Excel which you would like to convert.

form: This field is optional and it provides the type you want to see in the ROMAN numeral. It consists 0-4 means Classic – Simplified. Check it for yourself!

Keep in mind, ROMAN function can be functional only for positive numbers and less than 4000 which means 3999 is the last number for ROMAN function to be operated.

Here, we are adding a GIF file which converts some regular numbers into ROMAN numerals by using a ROMAN function. Please take a close look at the GIF and reload the GIF or Press Ctrl+R on your browser to watch the GIF repeatedly.

(Roman function GIF, Open this image in a new tab)
Hopefully, the above GIF will give you a clear understanding of how actually ROMAN function in MS Excel works. If you have any doubts or want to learn anything new in Excel, please let us know via our contact page. We will respond back ASAP! Thank you and stay with tutorialabc.com for more Excel-based tutorials.

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