Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Working with ARABIC Function in MS-Excel

The Arabic function converts a Roman numeral into an Arabic numeral in Excel Spreadsheet. Basically this function works just the opposite of the ROMAN function of Excel. Check the ROMAN function tutorial here,

In simple words, Arabic function can convert Roman numerals into standard text format.



Here, the text argument is a text representation of a Roman numeral and it supports maximum 255 characters.

Keep in mind,

If the text argument passed directly to the function, use Double-Quotes, else you will get #NAME? Error.


=ARABIC(“XI”) , correct

=ARABIC(XI), incorrect and produce #NAME? Error.

If an empty text string is passes as an argument, the Arabic function returns the value 0. Excel’s earlier version before 2013, Arabic function wasn’t available.

Here, we are adding a GIF file which converts some ROMAN numerals into regular numbers by using the ARABIC function. Please take a close look at the GIF and reload the GIF or Press Ctrl+R on your browser to watch the GIF repeatedly.

That’s set! ARABIC function is a very tiny piece of built-in function in Excel, but with the help of this function you may save your precious time. So, if anything remains unclear to you or have any query, feel free to contact us. Thank you and stay with tutorialabc.com for more interesting Excel-based tutorials. 

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