Sunday, June 28, 2020

How simply Age can be calculated in Excel

Well, sometimes it is necessary to extract the correct age of a person from a dataset in an excel file and with a simple trick or can say, by using a formula in Excel, you can calculate the age of any person based on the data provided to you.

The math behind the age calculation or how old you are based on some criteria. Basically, it requires the Date of Birth (DOB) and the current date. And, the current date can be obtained by using Today () function which is a built-in function of Excel. Then just need to find the difference from the result of Today () to DOB and divide the entire value by 365 as you know 365 is the equivalent of a year.

One thing to remember here, the number format of the excel sheet has to be in General format to get the desired result. Please check the number format of your excel sheet before proceeding.

General formula:

=(Today () - DOB)/365

Though by using this general formula you will get the correct age of a person but it will provide you some fractional value after the year. To remove the fractional part you need to use ‘int’ before the general formula. Like,

      =int(Today () - DOB)/365

Now, you will get the exact year of that person based on the Date of birth till today.

Here, we are adding some screenshots with very few data and steps to perform the above-mentioned calculation. Please look carefully and follow along with those steps. Hopefully, you’ll understand it clearly.

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