Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Working With MAX Function In MS-Excel

Today, we will learn an important lesson in MS Excel. As you already have known that, there are many basic functions available in Excel to perform different operations.

MAX function is one of the basic and necessary built-in functions of it.  Basically, MAX function in excel returns the largest numeric values from a given data set. It checks the highest number from a range of values (number). This function doesn’t count logical values or texts and ignores all blank cells.

Basic Syntax

=MAX(number1,[number2], …)

From the syntax, you can see that this function pass arguments which are numeric values and this function only check which one is maximum among these values and return the numeric value in your selected cell.

Suppose, you want to know the highest sell of products, the highest temperature from several patients, fastest time and for many more cases you can use Excel MAX function.

Let’s have a look at the procedure, how you can write MAX function and get the result. For that purpose, tutorialabc.com creates a simple excel book with a tiny amount of demo data as an example. So, follow thoroughly to those screenshots given in this article and hope all your confusion will be clear with MAX function.

First create an excel book similar like that,

Then chose a blank cell and name it MAX, like here indicated by a Red Arrow, 

Then just under the cell, start typing “= MAX”

and press the tab button of your keyboard. Then just pass arguments from the table values from where you want to calculate the maximum value. For our case, we want to get the maximum value from Total Profit cell. So, we will click on the head of the cell to select the entire cell to check within it.

Like the below screenshot,

And then just press ENTER of your keyboard and it will return the maximum value from among those values.

Don’t you think, it’s very simple to use MAX function in MS-Excel.

There’s another way, you can use MAX function from insert function (fx) table and here I am giving you a gif file so that you can understand how it can be sorted out. 

Take a closer look at the gif file and if you don’t catch it up, please contact us and ask for help for the clarification. Here’s the gif,

(Whole Proces in a GIF)

Thanks for staying with tutorialabc. In next tutorial, we will give you a lesson of MIN function in Excel. Till then stay safe and stay healthy. Keep learning with tutorialabc.com

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