Saturday, March 28, 2020

Working with ISNUMBER Function in EXCEL

Today we are going to learn a simple yet useful built-in function of MS-Excel.

We are talking about ISNUMBER function of Excel which only returns value TRUE or FALSE. 

From the name of the function, it is quite predictable what actually this function does. Yes, it only works with a number or the numeric value contained by a cell.

Basically, ISNUMBER function is used to check the cell value if it is a number or not.


From the syntax, you can see that this function pass only one argument which is value and value means the value you want to input manually or the value from a cell.

Now, let’s take a look at the below example to clarify this function and how you can write or find this function in MS-Excel.

You can simply select a blank cell and start to type “=ISNUMBER” and it will automatically give you an option to pass the argument.

Another way, you can go to the insert function (fx) option. From there choose the category to information and looking for ISNUMBER function from the below list. Then select it and hit OK.

A new window of operation will pop up and in here, you just need to enter the value or select the cell by clicking on that cell to know is it a number or not?

Final output: if the value is number then it will show you TRUE and if not then it will return FALSE.

N.B. Date format is considered as a numeric value to ISNUMBER function, so for any date value, it will return TRUE. 

For practice, please create an excel sheet like ours shown in the given screenshots and Then just follow the given screenshot sequence to get a similar result like our outputs. 

(Check these Values Using ISNUMBER Function)

(Final Output)

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