Thursday, March 26, 2020

How to use DAVERAGE function in EXCEL

Today we are going to learn an important function of MS-Excel which is DAVERAGE function. DAVERAGE function calculates the average of selected database entries that meet with specific criteria that you already set.

Without furthermore delay. Let’s go and have a closer look at how to use a DAVERAGE function in your excel worksheet.

General Syntax

= DAVERAGE (Database, Field, Criteria)

Database: The entire Database table where your data values are stored.

Field: Select the column from where you want to calculate the average of data values.

Criteria: Select the criteria range based on the condition you already set up.

If you don’t know, how to use this DAVERAGE function in Excel. Then just follow the below screenshots and please have a closer look at these images.

First, open the excel worksheet which contains the database table and criteria table. For example, create an excel worksheet as like ours.

Select a blank cell where you can display the result of DAVERAGE function and you can also give a name of that blank cell as your wish.  

Then, from that selected blank cell just follow the below steps according to the screenshots and you will get the result.

Final words, this tutorial is written for beginner level audiences so we choose to write this tutorial in a very simple way with simple words. 

If you think you are an Excel expert then please skip this tutorial. Just comment us or contact us about your requirements and we will certainly create your required tutorial and content for you.

Stay safe & healthy. Stay with for easy learning!

Finally, we add a GIF file of the whole process here, incase you missed any part of it. So, please carefully look at the GIF for better understanding.

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