Friday, November 22, 2019

Data Validation on excel

Today we learn how to validate excel  field. We will show you number restriction.

Create validation rule:

  • At first move on to  data tab and click data validation.
  • Here you several type data validation

  • For number restriction we select (whole number).

  • Enter minimum and maximum number. (For check   now min value 1 and max value 11)

Massage input:

It will appear when you select the box. It will show your inserted message.

  • Move on Input message tab.
  • Input message title and input message.

Error alert

When you insert Error message that will show you error alert during wrong input,

  • Set Error alert (title and error message).
  • Press ok.
  • If the value typed more than or less than that it will throw this error message what you save now.

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