Saturday, October 12, 2019

How to create a Data Entry Form in MS Excel

At first, Press ctrl+N  to launch a Blank workbook in Excel. 


  • Insert some header names such as FirstNameLastNameEmail, etc. and give these headers a standard space for a better look and easy to understand.
  • Select all Columns then Click Insert Tab just right of the Home Tab.
  • Then Click the Table button just below the Insert Tab and a dialog box will appear just like it,


  • Then tick the My table has headers and Click OK to continue 
  • Then go to the File menu, choose Options, then select Customize ribbon
  • Choose Commands not in the ribbon from the dropdown list and press your ‘F’ button of the keyboard to find out the Form and then you need to the Add it to the right side of the box.
  • But for that, first you need to create a New Tab by clicking the New Tab button and you   can Rename the new tab by your choice.

 Below screenshot will clarify the fact, so take a good look on this screenshot,

Custom Ribbon

  • Then below the New Tab you can see a New Group option, just select it and from the left of Customize ribbon box click Add button to the Form and you can rename Form name according to your choice.

Similar Type of screen you will get,

  • That’s set, you will be able to see your created Form name just beside of the Insert Menu from the main ribbon.
  • Finally, Click the Form Name button and insert your data according to your data fields.

  • Below Sort of Image, you will be able to see.......

So, Enjoy your Data Entry Job and obviously it’s going to save you a lot of time without any question.Thank You for support! Stay with and have a good day. 

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