Saturday, February 15, 2020

Fill range and move range in excel

Fill Range

At first input a value on the cell A2 then drag the right corner down into cell  A7.

Another example:
Enter the value  2 on cell A2  and  A3 cell 3 . After that select cell A2 and press shift then A3 and click the right corner also drag it down.
Date ways range 
This use for automatic range based pattern you infuse in two cells.Infuse the date 4/2/2015 into A2 and infuse date 5/2/205 into A3. After that select cell A2 and A3 and click the right corner and drag it down to A7
Move new location
You can move the value of range together by select the border of  the range and dragging into new location.
Insert a row between a range
To insert value between these range we have to follow some step.Press right and click insert.
After that you see this row shift down. This way you can insert column as much as you need.

Copy whole range and move
Select copy the range and paste where you want to paste.


Friday, February 14, 2020

Excel use of range

Range one of the best options in excel. This is a collection of multiple cells. This lesson help you to know very important and most useful range operations.

1. If you want to select only  A2  column then select A column 2 row.
excel select row and column

2. To select 2 whole row click the header 2 of that row .

3.To select column B and move on the B column header.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

How to View Excel Sheets Side by Side for Data Compare & Analysis

In this tutorial, we will cover a very basic and tiny topic of MS-Excel program yet the topic is very useful for data comparing and analyze them in a systematic way.

Today, we will show you how easily you can view multiple excel sheet of the same excel file side by side at the same time. There may be some situation comes when you need to look at two sheets side by side to compare the data of two different sheets in the same excel file.

If you are not aware of this built-in function of MS-Excel then you might need to click your mouse repeatedly to view the required data from one sheet to another sheet over and over. Well, this clicking thing is a lot of time consuming and in fact, quite a boring way to compare your data and you need to remember those data in your head because you can’t see those data at the same time.

Here, we use some own generated demo data to create our excel sheets and for this tutorial the purpose we will use the data and screenshot several times.

Anyway, for solving the above problems, you can simply use a trick in MS-Excel and i.e. View Side by Side option. For that, first, open those excel sheet files (.xlsx) in MS-Excel.

Then from any sheet, click the View Tab, like the below screenshot…….

Then click on New Window option which will open a new window for your file and it also activate View Side by Side option if isn’t activated before . Follow the below screenshot,

Then, just click the View Side by Side option,

Well, that’s set and isn’t it very easy! Now, you can easily scroll down your mouse to view your excel sheets side by side at the same time.

Form this view, you can compare both sheets data more easily and accurately.

By the way, you can see an option there just below the View Side by Side option in a green marking named Synchronous Scrolling is activated which is used to scroll both sheet synchronously or at the same time both sheets can move up & down. 

If you need to stop Synchronous Scrolling then click one time on that option.

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