Excel Functions

Count Function

One of the most used function in Excel. Count Function can count all numeric values including negative values, dates, time and so on but only empty cells and text values cannot be counted by Count Function.

Upper Function

Upper function in excel converts a given text into an upper case version. This function will help you to sort out a spreadsheet where most of the text entries are in lowercase.

Proper Function

Generally, it only capitalize the first letter of a word in a given text string and the return value will be considered as proper case.

Lower Function

In brief, The LOWER function returns a lower case format of a given text. It passes a single argument, “text” – which text will be converted to lower case.

The ARABIC function converts a Roman numeral into an Arabic numeral in Excel Spreadsheet. In simple words, Arabic function can convert Roman numerals into standard text format.

Roman Function

Basically, ROMAN function is used for converting a regular number into a ROMAN numeral representation. 

Rank Function

RANK function will return the rank of a number against a range of numbers and will ignore other sorts of values including text, character etc.

Rank.Avg Function

RANK.AVG works in the same manner as a simple Rank function. It returns the rank of defined values of a given dataset.

Hlookup Function

HLOOKUP is a built-in function which is categorized as a Lookup/Reference Function where ‘H’ stands for Horizontal.

Vlookup Function

VLOOKUP function performs a vertical lookup by searching for a value in the first column of a table and returning the value in the same row in the index_number position.

Isnumber Function

Basically, ISNUMBER function is used to check the cell value if it is a number or not. It passes only one argument which is value and value means the value you want to input manually or the value from a cell.

Average Function

AVERAGE function is used to get average of a group of numbers or within a given dataset of numbers. It returns the average of selected values.

Daverage Function

DAVERAGE function calculates the average of selected database entries that meet with specific criteria that you already set.

Date Function

Date function is widely used function in Excel for serving several purposes. Purpose including, creating an invoice for a company, student report card or for a data entry job, you need to work with Dates.

Date Function (cell referencing)

To do that, we will choose the blank cell below the label DATE FORMAT and start typing “=Date” and then click on the suggested DATE function like previously done but here we will not input values manually.

Basic Sum Function

SUM function is a very basic function of Excel. With the help of SUM function anyone can calculate sum of a large data values.

Sumif & Sumifs Function

SUMIF and SUMIFS have the same functionality likewise a SUM function but these two functions contain additional criteria to lookup the entire data table and based on those criteria it performs the sum operation.

Max Function

Basically, MAX function in excel returns the largest numeric values from a given data set. It checks the highest number from a range of values (number).

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