Software development

This a beginner to an intermediate level tutorial on software engineering. I have experience in software development more than 6+ years. In this years I face lots different situation in different time.I started my job as a junior engineer now I’m in a position called senior software engineer. I decided that I don’t want to keep my learning to myself. So I share my experience with you.All of this tutorial is from my life experience so try to adapt as much as you want.I like to share that what will help you to be a software engineer.

If you like software engineering then this tutorial is for you.There are many lessons that give you best result on your execution of software engineer life.

Before you started this learning process them no need any basics of software engineering.

I divided the tutorial parts into two.
  • Software development best practice.
  • Work on the system or software development.

 Under the below, I give all the tutorial.

Software development best practice
Software development

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