Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Usage Of PROPER Function In Excel

Basically, Proper function is a built-in function in Excel which can be considered as a string or text conversion function like Upper & Lower function. Generally, it only capitalize the first letter of a word in a given text string and the return value will be considered as proper case.

N.B. If you are unsure about the process of UPPER & Lower function in Excel, then please check below URL’s first, which will give you a clear concept about the working principle of these sorts of functions.



Basic Syntax


It passes a single argument, “text” – which text will be converted to proper case.

Notes: This function can be available from Excel 2000 to up-to-date version of Excel. And, Proper function will not consider - Spaces, numbers and punctuation marks.


Let’s consider, we have a sample set of data in the worksheet. 

(Working Data)

We will get the result, by using the PROPER function, ‘=PROPER(A1)’

Result: James Bond

And, ‘=PROPER(A2)’

Result: Hello! World

So, to get the exact result, please take a closer look on the below screenshots and follow along with the sequence. Hopefully, it will help you to understand the PROPER function in excel properly.

(PROPER function syntax)

(Proper Case)

(Conditions Unaffected)

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