Friday, August 28, 2020

Usage of UPPER function in Excel

UPPER function in excel converts a given text into an upper case version. But, it will not affect on any numbers or punctuation marks at all. This function will help you to sort out a spreadsheet where most of the text entries are in lowercase. By using, UPPER function you can simply and very quickly resolve the issue.

Basic Syntax

It passes a single argument, “text” – which text will be converted to upper case.

Suppose, you have a wide range of text in a spreadsheet which are in lower case format and you want to convert those texts into upper case. Also, have a number value and punctuation and you want to use UPPER function to look at the differences.

“john”, “doe”, “9871”, “Hi!” are some values in a your spreadsheet. Now, follow the below image sequences and try it out by yourself. Hopefully, it will help you to understand the UPPER function in excel properly.

(Sample Data)

(Writing UPPER function)

(Selecting text from the cell)

(After converted to upper case)

(Ignoring numbers & punctuation)

Next, we will provide a tutorial on LOWER function in Excel and till then keep learning and stay with! For any query, feel free to contact us.

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