Monday, November 12, 2018

Xampp Method :- how to import large sql file in a short time.

There is a various time we need to input a large data set. But we try to input there is an error occurred.
In this lesson, we talk about how to import large data in phpmyadmin .

You are facing this type of error.
  • ·       Maximum execution time is exceeded.
  • ·         File is to big

How we can solve this error?

We need to change some configuration file. Follow this steps to solve the error.
  • ·         Go to this path xampp\php
  • ·         Open php.ini file and change this

            post_max_size = 750M
            upload_max_filesize = 750M
            max_execution_time = 5000
            max_input_time = 5000
            memory_limit = 1000M
  •   Then go to this path  phpMyAdmin\libraries\config.default.php

Change the variable value 300 to 0


$cfg['ExecTimeLimit'] = 300;


 $cfg['ExecTimeLimit'] = 0;

After doing this work, you can upload your file into phpmyadmin.

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