Tuesday, August 21, 2018

wordpress top #9 online income blast method

How you can make passive online income? When you sleeping you are earning money. Every two week you can visit new place. Life is awesome is not it ? So no more delay ,less discuss who we can do that.

There are lot’s of way but in this lesson I discuss about wordpress blogging technique .Wordpress is world largest web platform. World 30% websites are in wordpress. In this article I discuss about  how you can earn money online by blogging on wordpress. There are lot’s of way to make money online.it
One thing to notify this not shortcut method. For passive income you need to work really hard. Otherwise it’s not possible at all. You see lot’s of website there you get lot’s of schemes ,make $10000 in one day. It’s never ever possible . Don’t be fooled following that article.

For make money online you need to invest your time or money to get started.
Before start this tutorial you need to built a wordpress blog website. How you can do that?

In this link you can get step by step to setup wordpress blog:

We can’t discuss all the online income method  in one article. In this article we discuss major online income method.

  • Monetizing website
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Offer different freelance services
  • Sell Product
  • Sell Blog
  • online store Open
  • Accept donation from the readers
  • Consulting Business 

Monetizing website Ads :
When there comes blogging income. First come  blog monetizing or we can say put ads on your blog.It’s possible on wordpress.

There are lot’s of site you can apply for ads publishing on your blog. I share the most popular and reliable sites.

  1. GoogleAdsense

  2. Infolinks


 4. Media

 5. BidVertiser.

Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing is called sales other product and services on your site .There will be refer link ,when a client buy any product from that link . You will get commission. If you wants to do affiliate marketing.
You can choose this

Evanto :

Blue host:

Offer different Services:

Suppose you are an computer engineer . you just complete your engineering  study .You are good on web development. You did lot’s of web development related  work  but no one know that.In your blog you write about web development and offer   service .If any one impress they will buy your service.

Sell Blog:

This is the best thing in blog market . If you know to develop blog site or website.You just need to make a website and take it in a rank .You can sell your blog in a good price. There i share one of the best site for this.

Flippa it’s basically an escrow site. When you submit your site there.They put it on there auction .There are lot’s of brokers to who try to sell your site.

Online store:

You can open an online store where you can sell your hand made product.There are lot’s of other option to. You can sell other product from your website.Also you do affiliate marketing there.

Accept donation from the readers:

This is most common technique. Add paypal donation button on your site. How you get donation? You need to post that that useful for the user and the ask for donation. Also you can give service and ask for  donation.

Consulting business:

This is a best thing who want’s to do cosulting business .You need to give post ,what are you best . Offer your consultance there .You canhave to  impress  others to take consultancy from you.By this you way you can earn more money.

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