Thursday, August 16, 2018

How to make money online from fiverr,how to earn '$1000' every month guideline

Fiverr is an online income platform, where you can earn money from online. Fiverr is a large market place for digital service. Where you can find out lot’s of freelancer . It’s basically an online system where buyer can post job and freelancer can bid for the job.

What type of online job fiverr offer ?
  • ·        Article writing
  • ·        SEO,SMM,SEM
  • ·        Excel work
  • ·        Analytical work
  • ·        Web design
  • ·        Graphics design (All type of graphics design)
  • ·        Logo design
  • ·        3D animation
  • ·        Affiliate
  • ·        Consultancy (ALL type of topic)
  • ·        Etc

You can join Fiverr from this link:

How create complete account in fiverr  see this video ?

Channel :  Showing this video from Tech Tutor

After profile complete you need to create gig . Now there is one question what is gig . Gig is nothing about what is you know or what you want to offer to the buyer. See this video you will understand.

Channel :  Showing this video from Chris' Tutorials

How we can send offer in Fiverr ?

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By sending offer regularly and complete the buyer work you can earn dollar. More you bid ,there chance to more you earn. Just do it continuously for 6 month .Then you don’t need to worry at all.Atomically buyer search you and give you work.  Share this post helps other to income more.

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