Saturday, August 11, 2018

Best SEO blaster tool that helps to make your site #1 in google,bing and yandex

Yoast plugin:

If you are using WordPress site you must need Yoast plugin for better SEO result .It’s a most valuable tools. Yoast plugin is most popular WordPress plugin. Yoast is a powerful tool that helps you to make your site search engine friendly. It’s gives you lot’s of facility like add SEO friendly title, meta tag,Twitter card ,site maps ,keyword, custom title. It’s an easy plugin. A beginner  can easily understand that. So in my point of view it’s a best plugin for WordPress site SEO.

Google webmaster Tool:

Google webmaster tool is necessary to rank 1 in google. It’s a set of tools for webmasters. It’s helps you to know how google working with your site.  I’m write down the point that google webmaster tool user for.
  • ·       Indexing the post.
  • ·       Site statics.
  • ·       Keyword search in google to land on your site.
  • ·       Indexing post manually.
  • ·       Broken link finding.
  • ·       To get the site in google.

Free tools for keyword research and planning:
  • ·                 SEMrush
  • ·                 Google keyword planner
  • ·       
  • ·                 Moz
  • ·                 Bing,Yahoo,Yandex site submit tool .( Note: You can do it manually)

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