Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Wordpress tutorial for beginner and blogger

Wordpress is a famous cms for start  blog site .There are more than 140000+ sites in Wordpress.We want to give a best guide for start a blog in Wordpress. Anyone without any knowledge of web programming they can easily learn.

Start a wordpress blog we must need domain and a server.
  • ·         Domain ( It’s the name of the blog) Domain Buy Link
  • ·         Sever(It’s basically the space where you keep your site) Server Buy Link

After reading this article with a 1 hour you can make a  Wordpress blog website .
In this tutorial we cover.

  • ·         How to buy a domain?
  • ·         How to buy a Wordpress hosting?
  • ·         How to install Wordpress ?
  • ·         How to change theme?
  • ·         How to give post on Wordpress?
  • ·         How to install plugin in Wordpress?
  • ·         How to do SEO on Wordpress site?
  • ·         How to submit site in search engine ?
  • ·         How to make money from Wordpress ?
  • ·         How to edit Wordpress template?
  • ·         Basic knowledge to make Wordpress template.
  • ·         Wordpress  template edit.

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