Friday, July 27, 2018

Mysql and SQL server large database backup strategy

At first we try to know what is database backup. Database backup is a system that backup database architecture and data store by the database software.

Why database backup essential?

  • ·        Cyber attack destroy data.
  • ·        Risks of hard disk crush .
  • ·        Virus Attack.
  • ·        Mistakenly delete whole database.

There are lot’s of other reason why database back up is essential. In this tutorial I discuss about  how to take Mysql and Mssql server backup in a  easy and fast way.
  • ·        First you have to download a third party tool name Heidli SQL
  • ·        Then just install this tool step by step.
  • ·        After that you need to just connect according to your server ip address and         password.
  • ·        Next right click on the database.
first database backup
Heidli SQL database backup

  •  Click Export database  .

Export large database

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