Monday, July 9, 2018

How to install WordPress in a simple step ? complete installation step of wordpress.

Wordpress known as a most famous blogging script in the world ,also there are lot’s of other facility to build ecommerce and others development sites. Wordpress is to much easy to install and configure. It’s only takes couple of minute.

How to install WordPress in your localhost ?

  • Download the WordPress  latest version from
Wordpress version download

  • Upload those files to your server.
  • Create a MySQL database  in phpmyadmin.

  • On the browser you open the link of the local host where you put the wordpress.Configure WordPress to connect to the newly-created database.
  • Complete  installation step by step.

  Select Language then click continue.

wordpress installation 1st step 

Click let's go button.

Fill up the required field .database name ,database user name,database password and click submit button.

Give site name, user name, password name and email address and click Install wordpress.

After that click login. Then your admin dashboard come, put your given username and password that you fill up. In admin panel you can customize your site.

Now your site is ready. In next lesson we will know how to install theme on wordpress. If you like this post please comment and share.