Friday, June 29, 2018

What is wordpress cms and wordpress plugin?

Wordpress is world famous content management system . Wordpress is an open source product. Wordpress is easy to install in the server.If any one have basic  knowledge of php ,they can easily use wordpress .In a couple of minute just need to give some information and go step by step. Wordpress is totally free . It's an easiest and most powerful blogging system.

Why Wordpress use for?
  •       The most popular framework in the world.
  •       More than 50 thousand plugin are free.
  •       Highly customizable and great flexibility.
  •       Lower setup and maintain cost.
  •       Anyone can easily understand not just developer.
  •       Easy to maintain.
  •       Different type of sites ecommerce ,newspaper, blog easily built there.
  •       Search engine friendly.
  •       Ready for mobile software.
  •       Less time needed to build a new site.

Why wordpress plugin use for?

Wordpress plugin is the thing that add new functionality and feature on our website.There are more than 50 thousand free plugins available in There for now we can build a website and add lot's functionality in less budget . Wordpress plugins easy to install that’s why less time required to add new functionality.

Why wordpress template use for?

At first we have to know what is Wordpress template.Wordpress template is a design of website. In Wordpress there is a default design.So if you want to change design ,there are lot’s of out there. Some of designs are free ,some are not. If you want develop a site without any investment ,you can download and install free template. Else you don’t like free template. You can buy it .I provide  a link under the below. There are more than 50 thousand template present. You can choose your desire one and add it to your Wordpress blog.

Wordpress plugin and template Buy link 

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