Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Secure your web application

As we know today's world are full of hackers. So every website need web security.There are lots of hacking technique around the world.By taking some coding steps  in our web application we can secure our application.Let's learn the steps that's helps to make our web application secure.

  • First you have to know the how hackers hacks web technology.
  • Common method of hack is SQL injection . First work on that. We have to use condition in every form filed and also give different type of validation on programming and database to.
  • There is another thing call shell uploading. For prevent this type of hacking we need to strong file uploading condition and secure the form giving captcha and authentication.
  •  Block the Ip address or send him/her to mirror site, who enter your site at a time more then 10.
  •  Always try to lock the admin panel with .httaccess.
  •  Coding with framework secure your work.
  •  Using programming technology hide the extension of your programming language.
  • Take antivirus service.
  • Take SSL service.

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