Saturday, August 26, 2017

HR Question

What’s your name?

Ans: My name is AFM ERFANUL ISLAM but you can call me Erfan.

Which position you want after 5 years?

Ans:I don’t think about future. Working on this present time learn new things. So that I can upgrade my knowledge, that help me to gain success in future or I can say that gain a good position on this company.

Tell me five weakness of you?

·         I some times can’t memories people names and number.
·         I feel nervous some of issue.
·         I always forget the meaning of east, west, north, south.
·         Emotional.
·         Easily believe the person.

Tell me some about your strengths?

·         Self motivated person.
·         Honest.
·         Adaptable with any environment.
·         Optimistic.
·         Ability to work under pressure.

Why did you want to resign your previous job?


At First, I would like to thank my previous company, who hired me. I have learned a lot from my previous job.After completing graduation, being fresher is a crime in the world, no body is ready to hire fresher, everybody needs an experienced candidate to work for his company.
I leave my previous job because I need a change in my career path, there were not many growing opportunities in my previous company. So I need a better platform to enhance my skills and knowledge.

How much salary you want?

I have interest on the position and i think you will offer competitive salary according to current market. 

Why should we hire you Mr.y?

Sir you must have lot of option for this position ,but i think i  meet  minimum requirement for this position.If you don't give me any chance you don't know how much i capable of.

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