Thursday, August 31, 2017

Career planning

In this dynamic world we have to move very first, need proper career planning. Many of people doesn’t have career they realize it later. You have to find out what are the major strength and weakness.Set the goal is main important. In this days all people are  in hurry . Monkey jump is a common thing. I define monkey jump switching to many jobs in short period . It effected lot in your life. There we need to realize the position on that company. If there any HR related issue then you have to solve it by discussing. So there one question  arise  when I should move? It’s not to easy to answer this question.If there lot of option to learn new things that help to your self growth  in your career path. But less salary. Then you have to stick with the current company otherwise if there no opportunity to learn or get good position on the current company with in 2-3 years then you should shift other company.

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