Saturday, August 11, 2018

Best SEO blaster tool that helps to make your site #1 in google,bing and yandex

Yoast plugin:

If you are using WordPress site you must need Yoast plugin for better SEO result .It’s a most valuable tools. Yoast plugin is most popular WordPress plugin. Yoast is a powerful tool that helps you to make your site search engine friendly. It’s gives you lot’s of facility like add SEO friendly title, meta tag,Twitter card ,site maps ,keyword, custom title. It’s an easy plugin. A beginner  can easily understand that. So in my point of view it’s a best plugin for WordPress site SEO.

Google webmaster Tool:

Google webmaster tool is necessary to rank 1 in google. It’s a set of tools for webmasters. It’s helps you to know how google working with your site.  I’m write down the point that google webmaster tool user for.
  • ·       Indexing the post.
  • ·       Site statics.
  • ·       Keyword search in google to land on your site.
  • ·       Indexing post manually.
  • ·       Broken link finding.
  • ·       To get the site in google.

Free tools for keyword research and planning:
  • ·                 SEMrush
  • ·                 Google keyword planner
  • ·       
  • ·                 Moz
  • ·                 Bing,Yahoo,Yandex site submit tool .( Note: You can do it manually)

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Top 50 PR backlink blog

In this fast world backlink is necessary for SEO. Backlink is essential for SEO. It’s a funny thing every one give instruction for how you can create backlink. No one give you link ,that where you can create your backlink easily ? I provide you 52 top quality PR  blog where you can easily create backlink. Keep following my blog. Next I give 1000 blog sites.

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Friday, July 27, 2018

Mysql and SQL server large database backup strategy

At first we try to know what is database backup. Database backup is a system that backup database architecture and data store by the database software.

Why database backup essential?

  • ·        Cyber attack destroy data.
  • ·        Risks of hard disk crush .
  • ·        Virus Attack.
  • ·        Mistakenly delete whole database.

There are lot’s of other reason why database back up is essential. In this tutorial I discuss about  how to take Mysql and Mssql server backup in a  easy and fast way.
  • ·        First you have to download a third party tool name Heidli SQL
  • ·        Then just install this tool step by step.
  • ·        After that you need to just connect according to your server ip address and         password.
  • ·        Next right click on the database.
first database backup
Heidli SQL database backup

  •  Click Export database  .

Export large database

Thursday, July 19, 2018

How to install theme in 5 minute

 Are you want to learn how to install template on wordpress site. As a starter you probably know there are lot’s of free plugins and template available. If you don’t like from the free series. You can can buy from this link Theme link

How to  install wordpress theme manually in 2 minute ?

  • ·  First  login into wordpress admin panel. Click  Appearance then theme.
install free them wordpress
  •  Then press add new button.
Add new wordpress

  • Click upload now button or you can select default theme showing on the dashboard . Just need to select and activate.

  • Upload file and click install now button.

  • After install select theme and click active button. Your site get new look.If you like my post then share it and subscribe. 

Sunday, July 15, 2018

wordpress plugin tutorial for beginners

Wordpress most special thing is plugin installation . Basically plugin  is use for add new functionality to your website. We can say it’s a upload and install system. In this wordpress plugin install tutorial ,we will see step by step .

First you have to login in the system.

wordpress login

Then you have to click plugin menu.

Click  Add New  menu. choose new plugin,then click install now.
add new plugin

You have to active the plugin for that go to install plugin and select the plugin.Then click active button and apply.If you like my article please click on the follow button and share this.